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2nd Councillor goes Independent over Local Plan

We are delighted to report that OLRG's two Tandridge District Councillors, Jackie Wren (Oxted North & Tandridge) and Phil Davies (Limpsfield), have been joined by Councillors Liz Lockwood (Lingfield & Crowhurst) and Clive Manley (Portley Ward, Caterham) to form a new Council Group called Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group with Caterham and Lingfield Independents.

Cllr Lockwood has just resigned as a Conservative to become an Independent because of her concerns about the Council's Local Plan. Cllr Manley resigned as a Conservative and became an Independent last year for the same reason.

They are the only group of Councillors that oppose the unjustified and unnecessary release of Green Belt which is currently being proposed in the Council's Local Plan preferred strategy.

This is not required by Government policy - it is the choice of the other Tandridge District Councillors to release large amounts of Green Belt and we will continue to fight against that choice.

After her resignation, Cllr Lockwood said: 'I disagree with the majority Conservative Group's approach to the Local Plan. I am very concerned about sustainability including infrastructure. Being a good Councillor involves, in my opinion, putting the needs and wishes of your residents as the highest priority.'