Date: Thu 03 Aug 2017

Tandridge Lane and the A22 closure

Tandridge Lane is being badly affected by the A22 closure.

Click here to see what the traffic was like in Tandridge Lane at 8.20am on 1 August 2017....

OLRG Councillor Jackie Wren and Tandridge Parish Council are aware of the current situation on Tandridge Lane and surrounding roads due to the closure of the A22.

They recognise that at times the increased traffic volumes, the inconsiderate driving and speed of vehicles who do not appear to be used to driving on narrow, country lanes and the HGVs that are ignoring the official diversion route, are all causing nuisance and distress, not to mention potentially dangerous situations.

They have been in contact on several occasions with representatives from Surrey County Council and Highways and continue to press for better signage, speed restrictions, speed monitoring and any other measures to ease the situation.