Date: Thu 03 Sep 2020

Surrey County Council's plan for a single monster Council stalls

Latest 19 September 2020:

We are pleased to say that it looks as though Surrey County Council's plan for one huge unitary Council for the whole of Surrey has gone away - at least for the time being.

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In July 2020, Surrey County Council put forward a plan to create a single monster unitary authority for the whole of Surrey which would replace the 11 District and Borough Councils. There is concern that:

* Local democracy will be eroded with local issues lost in the vast agenda of a single authority representing 1.2 million people.
* Tandridge residents and East Surrey will be badly disadvantaged. If there are to be unitaries, then there should be a separate one for the East.
* There will be a major loss of decision making and control of local issues, by local people, for local people.
* Surrey County Council has a well-documented history of consistently failing to provide good services or value for money.

The County Council has put forward its plan without consultation with residents and is spending many thousands of pounds of Council taxpayers’ money on employing PricewaterhouseCoopers to push its case.

In response to SCC’s plan, Residents Against Surrey Single Unitary (#RASSU) has been launched. For more information about RASSU click here

RASSU have started this petition. Please sign it if you think that one huge authority for the whole of Surrey is wrong..

To sign the petition click here