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OLRG's Cllr Davies gets bus shelter reinstated

After a trail of emails that would have given Hillary Clinton a run for her money, Tandridge District Councillor Phil Davies is taking the weight off his feet after winning a small, but important, victory for his constituents.

Mr Davies, who represents the Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group (OLRG) in Limpsfield, is celebrating being instrumental in getting a shelter reinstated at this bus stop in Oxted's Station Road East.

The shelter has been put in place, almost a year after the original shelter was badly damaged by a lorry.

Several residents had complained to the Councillor that waiting at the bus stop without a shelter was no joke, especially in recent bad weather, and he decided to start the process of getting the facility reinstated.

It took Mr Davies a month and a lot of emails to pressurise the District Council to get the shelter put back. Surrey County Council is responsible for the bus stop.

"I chased the District Council for over a month" said Councillor Davies. "There were some communication issues between the Council and this did not seem to be progressing. I am happy to have played a part in getting the shelter put back, especially for elderly residents."

Kevin Black, County Border News