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Council plans 50 homes on Morrisons car park

Morrisons car park housing plan/ Infrastructure / Hurst Green Local Plan sites

Concerns about Tandridge District Council's plan for 50 homes to be built on Morrisons car park in Oxted were raised at the Local Plan Examination by OLRG Councillor Claire Blackwell (November 7, Day 6pm). The scheme is currently included in the Council's Policy TLP29 for Oxted Town Centre. The discussion starts at 53.48 on this link click here

Struggling local infrastructure, in particular the pressure on Oxted Health Centre, was highlighted to the Local Plan Inspector by OLRG Councillor Catherine Sayer. The Council then set out the difficulties they face in delivering any new services. On this link starting at 41.22 click here

Earlier in the week (November 5, Day 4 pm) the two housing allocations in Hurst Green were on the agenda - you can watch OLRG's Paul Brown QC talking about the Green Belt and fighting for the provision of a new school and health infrastructure for Hurst Green on this link starting at 14.25 click here

Week 2 of the hearings, which was postponed by the Planning Inspector because of a family bereavement, has now been rescheduled.
These hearings will begin on Tuesday 26 November when the South Godstone Garden Community of 4,000 homes is due to be discussed. On Wednesday 27 November, the discussion will be about where housing development should go in the District and about the Green Belt.