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Chalkpit reopens as County Council fails to decide

Chalkpit Quarry is operating again and there are concerns about the number of lorries, their speed, their size and the damage to verges.

In June 2012, Surrey County Council began a long awaited review of the planning controls on the quarry and it was hoped this would at last bring in a limit on lorry numbers but four and a half years later, the County Council has still not made a decision.

The operator, Southern Gravel, has confirmed that the number of lorries using the quarry will be the same, if not higher, than it was when the quarry closed in September 2011.

There is no limit on the number of lorries using the quarry because it is operating under a permission given in 1997 by Surrey County Council that did not include any condition limiting numbers.

If you have concerns about the quarry lorries please email Surrey County Council at

Dangerous driving by HGVs should be reported to Surrey Police.