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Second open space survey - deadline 31st March

Second Open Space Survey - please take part.

Tandridge District Council has commissioned new consultants to carry out a second 'Open Space Survey' for the Local Plan.

The first open spaces report was produced by consultants, TSE Research, and was published just 15 months ago, and included a residents survey.

This report concluded that ALL the current open spaces in Tandridge are required to meet the needs of the existing population and that they should all be protected with a presumption against development. In addition, it makes clear that any increase in the population would require the provision of more open space.

The two surveys are similar but we would draw attention to this new question in the second survey: 'How long would members of your household be prepared to travel to visit the following types of facility?'

We are worried that this question may be used to help justify building on existing open spaces by asserting that residents would be prepared to travel to others.

The Council has said it wants to sell off a number of Council owned open spaces to raise money and we believe that the findings of the first open space survey are an obstacle to doing this.

We would suggest that if you are taking part in the new survey it's worth saying that you do not want to have to travel to other open spaces because we believe that any other answer may put local open spaces at risk. Also, increasing the amount of travel to other open spaces by vehicle is unsustainable.

Please also include any additional comments you have about the importance of any open space/countryside that you use for dog walking, horse riding, sport or for any other recreational activity and the importance of any public rights of way across that land.

The new survey, including question 4 about travel, can be completed on this link: click here

To read the first open space report, its findings and the survey questions click here