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Residents' worry over 5 sites for new GB settlement

OLRG has had a lot of queries about Tandridge District Council's statement that it wants a new settlement in the Tandridge Green Belt of around 4,000 homes as part of its Local Plan.

The statement has caused considerable worry among residents throughout the District because it does not include a location. In an interview yesterday, Councillor Martin Fisher, the Council leader, said there are 5 possible locations which he described as Blindley Heath, Godstone, Redhill Aerodrome, the borders between Lingfield and Edenbridge, and the Chaldon/Coulsdon area.

We are concerned that this has been announced to the media when there has so far been no public consultation about several of the locations mentioned.

OLRG would like to make it absolutely clear that we did not know about this announcement or that there were 5 possible Green Belt locations, and we fully appreciate the worry caused by the announcement.

We would also like to emphasise that the Council is proposing a housing need figure of 9,400 homes. Up to 90 per cent of this figure is for inward migration into Tandridge from other areas.

As well as proposing a new settlement in the Green Belt, meeting this huge figure would involve releasing large amounts of Green Belt elsewhere in Tandridge. It would not be one or the other - it would be both.

Please do not think your Green Belt is safe. As long as the Council's Local Plan documents remain uncorrected, including the flawed Green Belt assessments which undermine the Tandridge Green Belt by understating its value, all of the Tandridge Green Belt is unjustifiably and unnecessarily at risk.