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Chalkpit decision delayed again

A decision by Surrey County Council on the review of planning controls on Chalkpit Quarry has been postponed yet again - the earliest date for a decision is now 12 July.

That will be more than five years since the County Council began considering the matter. It was in June 2012 that SCC began the long awaited review which it was hoped would at last bring in a daily limit on lorry numbers.

The review had been listed for a decision on 22 March. The County Council has told OLRG that the reason for the delay is a request by the legal advisor for the quarry operator, Southern Gravel, for the opportunity to "submit further representations on the basis of the variation to the Environmental Permit for the site, issued by the Environment Agency in December 2016."

We are making more enquiries about this.

In January, we asked SCC if there were any issues that might cause a further delay and we were told then that SCC "have been in discussion with the applicant with regards to the drafting of the conditions and have carried out assessment work. There may be a need for further dialogue with the applicant on the condition wording."

At that time, after a break of more than five years, operations at the quarry began again in earnest reawakening concerns about the danger and disruption of unlimited numbers of quarry lorries on narrow residential roads.

Southern Gravel is operating under the existing planning permission that was granted in 1997 which does not include any condition restricting the number of HGVs using the site.

If you have concerns about the quarry lorries or about the progress of the Chalkpit review, you can email Surrey County Council at