Linked Independents

We are delighted to say that following the May 2022 Tandridge District Council elections, there are now 10 Independent Councillors around the District who are linked with OLRG.

Together with OLRG's 8 Councillors, we have joined together to form the Council's administration with a group called the Independents and OLRG Alliance.

Although we are the largest group, we are still a minority administration with 18 Councillors. There are now 11 Liberal Democrats, 10 Conservatives, and 3 other Independents.

The leader of the Council is Catherine Sayer (Oxted North and Tandridge ward) and the deputy leader is Chris Farr (Godstone wad).

All this has happened since 2016 when our first Independent, OLRG’s Jackie Wren, was elected with a landslide win.

Jackie is Chair of the Council for this year of May 2022 to May 2023. (the Chair is the District equivalent of a Mayor which is the title used in Borough Councils)

For more information about the linked Independents click here