Bid to improve safety on Wolfs Hill

WOLFS HILL - from Cllr Chris Langton: In the last three weeks, I've met with SCC Highways and then on-site with Cameron McIntosh, our SCC Councillor. The full proposal of purchasing land and widening the road with a separate pavement is proving problematic. It's not the installation cost which would be funded by Community Infrastructure Levy (if finally approved by TDC). Department for Transport rules require a prior feasibility study (about £20K) which cannot be funded by CIL an Continued

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Visit of Surrey Police & Crime Commissioner to Hurst Green

In response to local concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour, the Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey, Lisa Townsend, and her deputy Ellie Vesey-Thompson, will be coming to Hurst Green to meet residents on Thursday 4th November at 7pm. The meeting will be held at the Hurst Green Community Centre Hall. It will be an opportunity to talk about ... Continued

Covid 19 booster and flu vaccinations

For info, from the Health Centre: Oxted Health Centre has agreed to continue with offering the Covid 19 booster vaccines locally within the community. Covid 19 Booster clinics will operate from within the Health Centre building over and above our normal health services. We have now commenced the Booster clinics and we would respectfully ask that pat ... Continued

Local Plan latest

The Tandridge Local Plan Inspector has sent a new letter to the Council stating that “..although I will not reach a final decision on the way forward until I have had the opportunity to consider the Council’s response to this letter, I am of the view that withdrawal of the plan from examination is looking like the most appropriate option giv ... Continued

07 Oct 2021

E-coli: all clear for Oxted water supply

SATURDAY 9 October 11.34am Latest from SES Water - water warning lifted. Network latest All Clear: Boil notice lifted for Oxted postcodes Statement from SES Water Wholesale Director, Tom Kelly, on the precautionary boil wa ... Continued ...

03 Oct 2021

Oxted crematorium allowed at appeal

A Planning Inspector has allowed an appeal against Tandridge District Council’s refusal of planning permission for a crematorium on Green Belt at the junction of Barrow Green Road and the A25. The Council refused the application by developers ... Continued ...

16 Sep 2021

Error leaves £920,500 gap in Council finances

A review by accountancy specialists Grant Thornton of Tandridge District Council’s 2020/21 budget setting process has found an error over pension costs which has left an annual £920,500 gap in the Council's finances. The review found t ... Continued ...

12 Sep 2021

Gatwick expansion consultation

Gatwick Airport has started a 12 week public consultation on its £500m plan to bring its existing northern runway into routine use as a second runway. The consultation runs from September 9 to December 1. If you would like to respond to the con ... Continued ...

30 Aug 2021

The rise of Independent Councillors

This morning, BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme featured the rise of Independent and Residents’ Group Councillors in local government. Figures show a steady rise, up from just over 1500 in 2017 in Councils in England and Wales to more than 2,2 ... Continued ...

23 Aug 2021

Bid to improve safety on Wolfs Hill

There has been concern for a long time about the safety of pedestrians on Wolfs Hill in Hurst Green and the narrowness for vehicles to pass. A Vehicle Activated Sign was recently agreed by Surrey County Council (but is still awaiting installation). H ... Continued ...

05 Aug 2021

Public inquiry for Oxted crematorium proposal

Developers Horizon Cremation have appealed against Tandridge District Council’s refusal of planning permission for a crematorium on Green Belt land at the junction of Barrow Green Road and the A25. The appeal is being heard virtually as a 4 day ... Continued ...

11 Jul 2021

Householder pre-application planning advice resumes

The pre-application planning service is partially resuming from tomorrow 12 July. It will give advice to existing residents of the district for householder only proposals. For more info Read More

11 Jun 2021

Oxted Gasholder redevelopment update

With the first residents moving in last week, we thought this timeline from St William for the remaining works might be of interest: • First residents moved into Atkinson House (Block A) last week and will continue to move in throughout June ... Continued ...

10 Jun 2021

Council has large budget discrepancy

On Tuesday (8 June 2021), Tandridge District Councillors heard that there is a large hole in the Council’s finances. It’s not clear exactly how much the deficit amounts to and accountancy specialists Grant Thornton have been called in to find ... Continued ...