Council Finances

Council finances turnaround leaves £458k surplus

We are delighted to say that Tandridge District Council is now able to report a £458,000 surplus in its revenue budget despite all the financial problems the Council has had. When the Independents and OLRG Alliance group of Councillors took over the Council administration in May 2021, we inherited a large pension costs error which left an annual £920,000 gap in the finances. Coming on top of other difficulties including the serious depletion of reserves, there were concerns that the Continued

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Concern over Council overspend and borrowing

Tandridge District Council is continuing to buy investment properties with large sums of borrowed money underwritten by Council taxpayers. That's despite the Government's warning to all Councils about the potential risks of such investments because, if things go wrong, it is the Council taxpayer who pays the price with cuts to services and/or ra ... Continued

Council overspend tops £1m - watch the debate

Tandridge District Council is looking to make cuts in services because of a projected overspend this year of more than £1m - that's 10 per cent of the Council's general budget. ... Continued

Concern over Council borrowing of up to £200m

6 November 2018 OLRG and Independent Councillors have once again raised concerns about how Tandridge District Council is making major property investment decisions. Our concerns stem from another decision to make a significant commercial property purchase - details of which are still confidential - which will again be funded entirely by borrowing from ... Continued

02 Apr 2018

Sheltered housing cuts but no cost saving

Residents of sheltered housing flats in St Andrews Way at Limpsfield Chart have been told their alarm service is being discontinued from 2 April. They've also been told their warden is being withdrawn despite no cost saving to Tandridge District Counc ... Continued ...

31 Jan 2018

Council sells Johnsdale car park for £750,000

Tandridge District Council has now sold the Johnsdale car park in Oxted to property developers St William for just £750,000 which seems a very low price. We understand that St William intend to build around 40 flats on the site and are expected t ... Continued ...

10 Jan 2018

Concern over Council Commercial Property Investment

OLRG is calling for better scrutiny and changes to the Council's Constitution because of concerns about how Tandridge District Council is making commercial property investment decisions with large sums of borrowed money underwritten by Council taxpayers. ... Continued ...