About us

Oxted & Limpsfield Residents Group (OLRG) was formally constituted as a residents' association in 2008. It currently has more than 2,500 members - the larger we are, the stronger our voice. Please do join and encourage others to join.


Chairman: Catherine Sayer
Secretary: Julie Cole
Treasurer: Jon Lenihan

OLRG has 8 Tandridge District Councillors for the Oxted and Limpsfield area:

  • OLRG's Councillors for Limpsfield are Claire Blackwell and Ian Booth.

To contact Claire, email claireblackwell15@yahoo.co.uk or call 07711 561890
To contact Ian, email boothian1@gmail.com or call 07771 973163

  • OLRG's Councillors for Oxted North and Tandridge are Jackie Wren, Catherine Sayer and David Stamp.

To contact Jackie, email jackiewren13@gmail.com or call 07814 663586
To contact Catherine, email catherinesayer1@gmail.com or call 07967 148557
To contact David, email davidstamp@hotmail.co.uk or call 07894 074585

  • OLRG's Councillors for Oxted South are Chris Langton, Deb Shiner and Bryan Black.

To contact Chris, email chrislangton50@yahoo.com or call 07780 901811
To contact Deb, email debshiner58@hotmail.com or call 07592 610449
To contact Bryan, email bryanbblack33@gmail.com or call 07429 474383

OLRG also has 6 Oxted Parish Councillors: Peter Damesick, Peter Giles, Reg Hull, Matt Sapsford, Deb Shiner and Denize Wallace.

For general enquiries or to join us, email: oxted.residents@btinternet.com


Oxted & Limpsfield Residents Group is a member of the National Organisation of Residents Associations (NORA):
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