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General News 17.01.20 OLRG candidate, Oxted South, 7 May election
General News 21.12.19 Chalkpit lorries public inquiry - starts 21 January
General News 17.11.19 Council plans 50 homes on Morrisons car park
General News 11.11.19 Wolfs Hill/Hurst Green commuter parking
General News 28.09.19 Council overspend tops £1m - watch the debate
General News 11.08.19 Landslide wins for OLRG District Council candidates
General News 26.05.19 New make up of Tandridge District Council
General News 25.05.19 4 day Chalkpit lorries public inquiry - January 2020
General News 05.05.19 Oxted Parish Council - all 6 OLRG candidates elected
General News 07.04.19 Oxted Parish Council election - six OLRG candidates
General News 27.01.19 Forestry Commission orders replanting of woodland
General News 04.01.19 Warlingham Recycling Centre - deadline today
General News 23.12.18 OLRG fights to save Children's Centre
General News 08.12.18 2hr free parking agreed/multi-storey scrapped
General News 18.11.18 Major questions over Godstone Garden Community
General News 02.11.18 OLRG candidates - local elections 2 May 2019
General News 08.10.18 Chalkpit quarry lorries decision
General News 30.09.18 Oxted gasholder demolition delayed
General News 25.09.18 Moorhouse planning application refused
General News 10.07.18 Business owners worried over car park delay
Planning News 29.06.18 Oxted Gasholder/Johnsdale car park planning application 2018/729
General News 25.06.18 Chichele footpaths - three objections lodged
General News 16.06.18 Chichele field footpaths recommended for approval
General News 16.06.18 Concern over Council borrowing of up to £200m
General News 02.06.18 HGV hell - please write in now
General News 18.05.18 No room at local schools for 4 year old Harry
General News 05.05.18 Elected!
General News 26.04.18 Chalkpit lorries latest
General News 02.04.18 Sheltered housing cuts but no cost saving
General News 17.03.18 OLRG's Cllr Davies gets bus shelter reinstated
General News 02.03.18 Multi-storey car park recommended for approval
General News 31.01.18 Council sells Johnsdale car park for £750,000
General News 10.01.18 Concern over Council Commercial Property Investment
General News 23.12.17 OLRG's Cllr Davies turns detective over flytipping
General News 30.11.17 Refused: Snatts Hill/A25 development appeal
General News 24.11.17 OLRG fights refusal of St Mary's funding
General News 16.11.17 Chalkpit lorries - still no decision
General News 12.11.17 Tandridge forced to drop Garden Village site
General News 06.11.17 Council cuts free parking to 1 hour from 15 November
General News 12.10.17 Spot on response from the Woldingham Association