Help with Council Tax payments

Council Tax payments are due on 1 April and we've had some queries about the help available if you have trouble paying due to the coronavirus crisis. Continued

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Chichele footpaths public inquiry cancelled

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Planning Inspectorate has cancelled the two day public inquiry into three new rights of way across Chichele field which was due to take place on 1 and 2 April. ... Continued

Concern over Council overspend and borrowing

Tandridge District Council is continuing to buy investment properties with large sums of borrowed money underwritten by Council taxpayers. That's despite the Government's warning to all Councils about the potential risks of such investments because, if things go wrong, it is the Council taxpayer who pays the price with cuts to services and/or ra ... Continued

May 7 Tandridge District Council elections postponed

Local elections in England have been postponed for a year to May 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak. ... Continued

14 Mar 2020

Plan for crematorium on land at Barrow Green Road/A25

Developers Horizon Cremation say they will be applying to build a crematorium in Oxted. The location is a field at the junction of Barrow Green Road and the A25 - see photo of site. ... Continued ...

23 Feb 2020

Chichele footpaths public inquiry - 1 and 2 April 2020

The Planning Inspectorate has now set the date for a two day public inquiry into three new rights of way across Chichele field - see map for the routes. ... Continued ...

20 Feb 2020

Jackie Wren to stand for re-election on 7 May

We are very pleased to announce that OLRG’s Jackie Wren is standing for re-election for the Oxted North and Tandridge Ward in the Tandridge District Council elections being held on 7 May. ... Continued ...

06 Feb 2020

Local Plan update - Hurst Green sites

An update on the two sites in Hurst Green that have been allocated by Tandridge District Council for housing development in its new Local Plan which is currently being examined by a Planning Inspector. ... Continued ...

06 Feb 2020

Deb Shiner, OLRG's candidate for Oxted South

We are delighted to announce that Deb Shiner will be standing as OLRG's candidate for the Oxted South Ward in the Tandridge District Council elections being held on 7 May. ... Continued ...

21 Dec 2019

Chalkpit lorries public inquiry

The crucial Chalkpit lorries public inquiry has now closed and the Inspector is considering his decision. It's likely to take at least several weeks before we know the verdict. ... Continued ...

17 Nov 2019

Council plans 50 homes on Morrisons car park

Morrisons car park housing plan/ Infrastructure / Hurst Green Local Plan sites ... Continued ...

11 Nov 2019

Wolfs Hill/Hurst Green commuter parking

Just to update you on two issues for Hurst Green that were raised frequently during our door-knocking last May: ... Continued ...

06 Oct 2019

Council overspend tops £1m - watch the debate

Tandridge District Council is looking to make cuts in services because of a projected overspend this year of more than £1m - that's 10 per cent of the Council's general budget. ... Continued ...

01 Oct 2019

Appeal for Funds - Tandridge Local Plan Examination

Oxted and Limpsfield are under huge threat from Tandridge District Council's flawed Local Plan. ... Continued ...