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New Landfill Application - Oxted Sand Pit - please write and object

A new Landfill application (quite separate from the one at the Quarry Chalkpit Lane) has been submitted to the Environment Agency.

The public notice appeared in the County Border News on 20/03/08 with 28 days for public objections.
The site in question is the Oxted Sand Pit in Barrow Green Road and has been submitted by Killoughery Waste Management.

This is yet another proposal that will destroy Oxted's rural character and the quality of life of its residents.

PLEASE WRITE AND OBJECT BY April 17th to: The Environment Agency, National Permitting Team, Trentside Offices, Scarrington Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5FA.

The Tandridge Priory Riding Centre in Barrow Green Road says: " We are very concerned as we already endure upto 80 HGV's a day from the Quarry (which looks set to increase) another landfill at the Sand Pit would be unthinkable.
Since there is a watercourse which runs across the site towards Sandy Lane and Old Oxted, there are possible environmental impacts relating to this application.
There is a need to ensure that the range of inert waste that may be deposited at the site, is strictly controlled and the outflow from the site carefully managed, otherwise this could result in landfill leachate getting into the local watercourses which flow from the site and into the local streams, ponds and rivers.
Local residents should be concerned about this development as it will generate 110 HGV movements each weekday and 60 on Saturdays, all this in addition to the activities at the Quarry, Chalk Pit Lane."