Date: Thu 30 Apr 2020

Support Oxted's Master Park

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Master Park - there for the Community when you need it

In these weird times, it’s good to know that Master Park is still “open”.

Parks have played a vital role in the last 5 weeks and we hope you have managed to take some of your daily exercise walking around the Park, whilst enjoying the tree blossom, the daffodils and the glorious Spring weather.

However, the events the park normally host, such as The Beer Festival, Car Boot Fair, Pram Race etc, have had to be cancelled for the foreseeable future, but those and other such events is what provides around 75% of the annual funding to support the Park

So, if you feel inclined to become a “Friend of the Park” please either call 07908 014525 or visit our website or email

Many thanks,
Pammy (McNaughton), Chairman - Master Park