Date: Tue 17 Oct 2023

Limpsfield mobile phone mast removed

The mobile phone mast that was erected in August at a location on the south side of the A25 going towards Westerham has been taken down.

The temporary mast, that could stay in situ for up to 18 months, was put up without any explanation or notice being given to Tandridge District Council. The site is highly visible, in the Green Belt and in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The council therefore issued an emergency stop notice on the development which has resulted in its removal.

The telecoms company said they needed the emergency mast due to the imminent loss of an existing mast at Moorhouse Quarry, however planning permission for a permanent site was granted in May this year at the lay-by on the A25 close to the Moorhouse Sandpits that has not yet been erected. The telecoms company have asked for an extension of time for the mast at Moorhouse Quarry in order to maintain coverage whilst the new mast at the lay-by is erected. The council is continuing discussions with the telecoms company to resolve the matter.