Date: Sun 11 Feb 2024

Recycling success for Tandridge

Residents of Tandridge district are some of the best recyclers in the country - and that's official. Latest figures (for 2022/2023) show the council is the eleventh best in the whole of England for its recycling performance and second best in Surrey.

The council is keen to do even better and stresses: “You might know about the environmental benefits of recycling food waste, but did you know putting uneaten food into a food waste caddy, instead of the rubbish bin, has another advantage too? It costs far less to dispose of. It is four times more expensive to dispose of than when it is recycled.

This means around £6 million each year could be saved in Surrey, if the food residents currently throw into rubbish bins was recycled instead. If we save this money, it could be used to fund other essential local services and do something good for the environment too.”

More information about recycling and rubbish, including which items can be recycled and how to order a recycling bin, can be found on the Tandridge District Council website on this link: click here