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TDC Chief Executive tries to silence Plan opposition

On 30 August 2017 at a Council exhibition in Caterham about the Local Plan, Tandridge District Council's Chief Executive, Louise Round, ordered Independent Councillors Liz Lockwood and Clive Manley to leave the building because their presence putting forward a different point of view and objecting to the Council's Local Plan proposals, was "causing confusion" to residents. Ms Round told the Councillors she was a lawyer and would be taking action against them under the Councillors Code of Conduct.

This was despite the fact that the Council's publicity material for the exhibition explicitly stated that Councillors "will be there to answer questions from the public".

On 5 September 2017, Ms Round sent an email accusing the two Councillors and OLRG Councillor Jackie Wren who arrived at the exhibition later in the afternoon, of three serious breaches of the Code of Conduct but then stated she was not taking action against them "on this occasion".

Councillor Wren made a formal complaint about the Chief Executive's conduct and asked for evidence to substantiate the accusations or for them to be withdrawn and an apology made. So far, Ms Round has done neither.

The Council Leader, Martin Fisher, has decided there are no grounds for an investigation of Ms Round's conduct. The Council is claiming correspondence about the matter is confidential and the three Councillors affected have not been allowed to see it.