Date: Sun 07 Apr 2019

Oxted Parish Council election - six OLRG candidates

As well as Tandridge District Councillors, Oxted Parish Councillors also come up for election on 2 May and Oxted & Limpsfield Residents Group has six candidates who will be listed on the ballot paper for Oxted North voters - together with David Stamp as the OLRG Tandridge District Council candidate.

The Parish Council is involved in all local matters such as planning, highways, and community facilities. OLRG is aiming for a Parish Council that is independent and non-political, that represents the interests of residents, and whose only allegiance is to the community. Our candidates are:

Peter Damesick: Peter has lived in Oxted since 1986. He is the Chair of Trustees of Tandridge Voluntary Action, a local charity which supports and promotes volunteering and voluntary sector activity in Tandridge district. As an active member of The Oxted Players he has made many stage appearances at the Barn Theatre. Peter's career included work as a university lecturer and as a research director in a major commercial property adviser.

'I am very keen to serve and represent the interests of the local community as a Parish Councillor. I firmly believe the Parish Council should have a strong representation of non-political, independent members, giving priority to the concerns of residents and working for the benefit of the whole community.'

Peter Giles: Peter coordinated the successful applications to Surrey County Council for several footpaths across the fields behind Chichele Road, Bluehouse Lane and Silkham Road to be recognised as rights of way. He is one of the founder members of OLRG and has been involved with many local issues since it was set up 11 years ago. He began his career in the computer industry, then moved to financial services before settling within the travel and transport sector.

'I believe the Parish Council has a big role to play in representing the local community on all matters that are important to us and I would like to ensure residents have a strong voice on it.'

Reg Hull: Reg has lived in Oxted for over 30 years and has been involved in many local activities and initiatives. He is standing for election because he believes that party politics should not be the main driver at a local level and that local Councillors should be listening to the local community, working together and doing their best to deliver improvements that benefit us all.

'If elected you can rest assured that at all times I will be challenging the status quo, basing decisions on what I understand to be the best interests of our town and ensuring that my efforts are directed towards making Oxted the best place possible to live, work and enjoy the wonderful facilities we have here.'

Anne Rivers: For many years, Anne worked as a solicitor in London becoming a partner in a City firm. She volunteered at Citizens Advice for a number of years and was later employed by them in two branches.

'I would like to join Oxted Parish Council because I have become increasingly concerned by the overlap of Tandridge District Councillors and Parish Councillors which inevitably causes a conflict of interest. I believe that Councillors should represent the interests of the local community not political parties, so the growth of OLRG and other Independents has been a very welcome improvement.'

Matt Sapsford: Matt has lived in Oxted for more than 25 years with his family and has a business here.

'I am very keen to work for residents' interests. I want to make the Parish Council as inclusive as possible so that everyone feels they can have input and make a difference on issues that are important to them and to the area as a whole. I really like the idea of Independents who are rooted in the community and have only the community's interests at heart.'

Denize Wallace: Denize was an Oxted Parish Councillor for 8 years until 2007 and was involved in various community matters, including organising the picnic in Master Park for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. She was also chairman of the Planning Committee. She has lived in Oxted for the last 25 years and is married with one daughter.

'I would very much like to be elected to work for the interests of residents and to be part of the OLRG team that makes sure the community is put first. I would like to see Oxted Parish Council encouraging residents to take a more active role and welcoming their input.'