Date: Sat 17 Mar 2018

Chalkpit lorries - still no decision

Surrey County Council has now said that it will not be deciding the review of planning controls on Chalkpit Quarry this month.

There has been speculation that the decision would, at last, be made at an SCC meeting on 21 March.

But yesterday a County Council Planning Officer who is dealing with the quarry told OLRG: "I can confirm the application will not be reported to the March committee. I received a response from the applicant in February, however it was asking for more evidence and clarification from the County Planning Authority. I have this week sent a response back to the applicant on the matters raised by them and now await their response."

It is now five years and nine months since SCC began considering the review of planning controls.

For many months, there has been an excessive number of HGVs using Chalkpit Quarry causing misery for residents on the lorry route and damage to roads and verges.

It's hoped that the review will at last bring in a safe and reasonable daily limit on the number of lorries. However, in June last year, Southern Gravel published a Transport Statement which said that SCC was proposing a daily limit of 150 movements a day (75 in and 75 out).

This high number sparked worries that SCC is caving in to pressure from Southern Gravel. Dozens of residents wrote in to SCC making clear their fears that someone will be badly injured or killed if a daily limit of 150 HGV movements is allowed.

OLRG took legal advice and sent in a submission explaining, among other things, why the traffic figures provided in the Transport Statement are inadequate.

To read our submission click here

At the moment, the quarry is operating under a 1997 planning permission which has no daily limit on lorries.