Date: Tue 16 Feb 2021

Covid-19 vaccinations latest

Latest news on Covid vaccinations from the Oxted Health Centre Patient Participation Group (PPG).
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The following shows as of yesterday the current % of Oxted Health Centre patients in each cohort that have received their first vaccination dose. The overall figure is 47.7% which is an amazing achievement by the staff of the Health Centre and the many volunteers that have given up their time.

Residential Care Home patients 92.8%

Age 80 years+ 96.4%

Health & Social Care Workers 100%
Note: Occupations are not recorded so this is an estimate

Aged 75 - 79 years 96.6%

Aged 70 - 74 years 93.4%

Clinically extremely vulnerable/Covid 19 High risk 90.8%

Aged 65 - 69 years 59.2%

Aged 16 - 64 years with underlying health conditions 13.4%

Aged 60 - 64 years 11.5%

Aged 55 - 59 years 8.5%

Aged 50 - 54 years 8.4%

Currently as vaccines are delivered those in the 65 - 69 years are being vaccinated along with those in care homes and housebound who were too unwell to receive them previously.

For those who received the Pfizer vaccine the current schedule is that the second dose will be delivered in week 11 - 12 after the first dose.

David Borer
Chairman Oxted PPG